November goals recap

Uni assignments
1. Climate change essay – DONE
2. Practical write up – DONE
3. Taxonomy poster
4. Frog presentation – DONE

1. To reach 400 posts/$10 on Mylot (whichever comes first) – Not done/not on track
2. To post on StudentSpyglass at least 15 times – 23/15 DONE
3. To reach 6 million neopoints on Neopets (I know, I’m a big kid – but need something to cheer me up after all that work!) – DONE

Media & Life in General
1. To catch up on Glee – DONE
2. To finish at least 4 books (hopefully including re-reading the Hobbit in time for the film) – 6/4 DONE
3. To come up with 5 Christmas present ideas each for my mum, dad, sister and boyfriend – DONE
4. To go on a great date for our anniversary at the end of the month – DONE 😀
5. To pick my favourite 5 masters courses so far, and figure out how and when to apply for them – Not done

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