Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#16)

I’m still very very skint, so sticking to free/cheap reads for the moment. I got a tablet for Christmas though, so I’ve been browsing kindle freebies/deals and am planning to stock up to see me through a tight budgeting period! My other half bought me The Casual Vacancy as one of my Christmas presents, so I have at least one real book! Can you believe no one else bought me books for Christmas?! My family said I read them too quickly and they wanted to buy stuff that would last instead.  My other half did then pick up a few more for me in town this week though, because he’s nice like that 🙂


The Casual Vacancy | Death of Kings | Field of swords | Beasts in my belfry

Kindle Freebies:

H2O | Covet | Little Red Riding Crop | Betrayal| The Descent Series | Jenny Pox | The Secret Diary of Alice in wonderland, age 42 and three-quarters | Eternal Eden

This week on the blog:

Did you get lots of books this month? Any great free/cheap kindle reads you’d recommend for me?

4 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (#16)

  1. I really need to read Jenny Pox too. How can your family say books don’t last???? Just because you read them too quickly? That’s crazy. My family hauled me up with books over Christmas and I LOVED IT! My sister once tried to protest buying them for me because sometimes I get one and don’t read it for like a year, but I told her it doesn’t matter because I’ll get to it eventually and if I asked for it, then that’s because I want it. She caved. Got me one I actually plan to start next. Enjoy your books. I’m torn about Casual Vacancy.

    Check out my SP. And Happy New Year.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  2. Weren’t the deals and free books amazing..i went a little crazy myself! I love your Christmas haul and look forward to your thoughts on them. Have a great week and enjoy your new tablet! woot! woot! The Sunday Post

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