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Top Ten Tuesday (#21): Top Ten Reading Goals for 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week the theme is Top Ten Books I resolve to read in 2013.

I’ve gone a little over this week, but now I have 12 – one to really focus on each month! (Which isn’t at all how it’ll work since they’re overarching, yearly goals, but that’s how I’m justifying it!)

Reading Goals
1. Read 75 books

2. Read 25 000 pages

3. Complete at least 75% of the challenges I’ve signed up for

4. Write reviews within 2 weeks of finishing books

5. Comment more – When I’m brave enough/not too lazy to get involved in the blogging community, I love it. I just find it difficult sometimes to reach out on twitter etc, so I’m resolving to comment more.

6. Try to read two books I already own before buying another(this doesn’t always work though, since I’ve been using books as a reward for finishing coursework etc!)

7. Post at least 52 reviews

8. Consider ebooks over hard copies – I love physically having a book, but being students we just don’t have the space. I’d like to try and move more towards ebooks this year.

9. Abuse the library when home over the summer – not literally, but I definitely want to get a lot of use out of it.

10. Keep better track of my reading – particularly which books count for challenges. This year I had a bit of a manic session in December adding up which challenges I’d knocked off etc, and it just wasn’t fun!

11. Schedule more for the blog so that posting can stay reasonably consistent during busy times such as exams (probably not this month though, since it’s a bit late and I’m into panic revision mode!)

12. Read what I want to read – this year I’d like to think a little more about whether something actually interests me, or whether it’s just blogging hype that makes me want to read it, particularly in terms of NetGalley requests.

What are you determined to achieve this year? What are your reading or blogging goals?

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