2013 Challenges: Seriously Series Challenge


Due to my tight student budget, a lot of the series I’m aiming to just finish what I already own, rather than having to buy right up to the latest book in every series. If I know I’ll definitely be buying a copy later/know someone who can lend me a copy, I’ve added those in too.

Series started before 2013: Seriously Serious (7-12 series)
1. A song of Ice and Fire
A Dance with Dragons: After the Feast
2. Delirium
3. Matched
4. Women of the Otherworld
5. The Rain Wild Chronicles
Blood of Dragons
6. Conqueror
7. The Southern Vampire Mysteries
8. Lunar Chronicles
9. The Mortal Instruments
City of Lost Souls
10. Divergent

Series started in 2013: Super Seriously Serious (13-18 series)
1. The Hybrid Chronicles
What’s Left of Me
2. Tales of the Underlight
How Beauty Met the Beast
3. Chocolate Lovers
Seduction and Snacks
4. Dance of Shadows
Dance of Shadows
5. Shatter Me
Shatter Me
6. Caster Chronicles
Beautiful Creatures
7. Splintered
8. Legends of Amun Ra
The Emerald Tablet
9. Crossfire
Bared to You
10. Losing It
Losing It
11. Enslaved Trilogy
12. Girls Wearing Black
The Homecoming Masquerade
13. The Selection
The Selection
14. The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein
This Dark Endeavor
15. MILA 2.0
Mila 2.0
16. The Chemical Garden
17. Wicked Play
Bonds of Trust
Bonds of Need
18. The Broken Empire
Prince of Thorns

Series Re-reads: Semi Serious (1-6 series)

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