Bout of Books Challenge: Name your book crack

This is such a hard challenge because I have so many bookish weaknesses, it’s hard to narrow it down. Here goes!

1. Charity shops – Charity shops are probably my biggest weakness in terms of building my physical TBRpile up. There’s one near me thats 1 book for £1.99……..or 6 books for £1.99 – how could you possibly leave with less than six?! The only advantage is that the stock doesn’t change that often, so sometimes I can’t find six!

2.  Second hand book shops – Does anyone else LOVE second hand bookshops? I’m in our local one so often I keep being mistaken for staff, and the man has long since given up expecting me to ask him to use the ladder to get books off the tall shelves. Being as short as I am, climbing the two steps on that step ladder is exciting! (I know, I’m sad).  On top of my general love of second hand book shops, I love browsing through and coming away with a gem I didn’t even know I was looking for. And I don’t mind taking a risk on a book, because they’re so cheap. Plus, it’s nice to support the locals too once in a while!  This is my most common weakness, particularly since I’ve started using books as a reward system – finish an essay? Buy 1 book. I figured it was healthier than chocolate!!


Once we Were Kings | Whale Song | Pompeii: A Tale of Murder in Ancient Rome | Indelible Love | Brightest Kind of Darkness | Nolander | The Scarlet Dagger | Enchantress | Chasing Nikki | Her Mad Hatter | Ethereal

3. Free ebooks – My final confession is that I can’t say no to a free ebook – I feel less guilty about this one though, since it’s neither costing me money nor taking up space in my house!  For example, above are just the free ebooks I’ve downloaded since 2013 started…

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