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Project Fairy Tale

Project: Fairy Tale
Just a quick post to say I’m open to guest posts for Project Fairytale next month if anyone would like to do one.  My theme is Alice’s adventures in wonderland, so anything that fits in with that is fine by me.

A few suggestions:

  • Book reviews of the original or a retelling – even if it’s one I’m already planning to review, it might be nice to offer different opinions.
  • Recipes or drink recipes inspired in anyway by Alice in Wonderland
  • Make up, nail art or outfits inspired by Alice/other characters
  • Reviews of any of the films
  • Inspired playlists
  • Arts & crafts in some way wonderland themed
  • Link round ups/Pinterest round ups

But if you have another idea, feel free to go for it!

After Project Fairytale

I’m also open to guest posts for AFTER February on pretty much any topic.  This is a list of possible examples based on what’s popular at my blog, but I’m open to other suggestions!

  • Filofax set ups – my filofax post remains my most popular to this day, so if you have a filofax, show us how you’ve set it up!
  • Recipes/cocktail recipes
  • Make up, nail art or outfit ideas
  • Book or film reviews
  • Anything book blogging related – tips on how you stay organised etc
  • Arts & crafts
  • Student life – I’m particularly intested in people’s opinions on their uni and course, if people are interested I’ll think up some questions

Again, don’t feel like you have to stick to this list if you have another idea you’d like to suggest.  Feel free to comment on here, twitter or send me an email at Faith [at] StudentSpyglass [dot] com if you’re interested!

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