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Top Ten Tuesday (#24): Top Ten Bookish Memories

I’ll be honest, I found this one really difficult, but I’ll give it a go!

1. Harry Potter 7 in Barbados
So, I have a confession – I didn’t get to buy HP7 at midnight because I was on a plane at the time, going to Barbados for a family holiday. Confession 2: since this meant I couldn’t buy it at midnight or pre-order it, I was pretty put out with my mother. For booking us on a fantastic holiday with terrible timing.  The day after we arrived my family drove for an hour to find somewhere that sold it and then paid nearly £25 just so I could read it ASAP. Reading it by the pool knowing no one could give me spoilers, and knowing how much effort my family put in was pretty awesome.

2. Rediscovering the Dragonlance books
I loved these as a kid, but traded them in for something or lent them to someone or something…Long story short they went somewhere, and I didn’t think about them much. Bought myself the omnibus edition for a holiday with my boyfriend and then pestered him the whole way through with “listen to this bit”.

3. My blog
The blog is one of the few things I’ve done (and kept up with) that is 100% for me. Not for extra credit at uni, not to impress my friends, nothing. The only person who even knows I have a blog at the moment is my boyfriend, who makes a point of not-reading it so that I can say whatever I want without having to feel like I should censor things.  Could I put more time and reliability into it? Certainly, but I love the progress it’s making around being at uni full time, and for now that’s enough.

4. Setting someone else onto a series
Don’t you love it when you recommend a book or series to someone who loves it? I especially love it if those are books I love (like I’m currently signing everyone up to Game of Thrones so I can talk about it!) but it’s almost more satisfying when it’s something you didn’t love, because then you recommended it to fit someone else’s exact tastes.

5. A signed Jodi Picoult Novel
This is one of the few signed copies I’ve got and I love it.

6.  NaNoWriMo
I’m not even that pleased with what I wrote, just the fact I got it done! I’m hoping to take part again this year, but we’ll have to see where I am by then!

7. Reading a book before the film
This is a bit of a love/hate thing – there’s always the worry that the film will be awful.  Most of the time though, I love having read the book beforehand, especially if you can sort of view the film as supposed to be a bit different from the books. I.e. the latest twilight, they took a few liberties with the deaths and I have to say I loved it (though admittedly I didn’t love the books so that may have something to do with it!)

8. Getting books for review
Like so many others, getting books for review is like a dream for me.

9. Always having an escape
This isn’t a particular memory as such, but I love knowing that whatever is going on, I can find a book to lose myself in. If I’m stressed, or having a crappy day, or even if I’ve lost a friend etc, books can help distract me!

10. Second hand bookshops
I love second hand bookshops. The one near me at uni (a goldmine in a town otherwise lacking!) reminds me of Ollivanders a bit – the books are piled up ridiculously high, stacked everywhere. Going in and browsing through all the possibilities is so much fun, and I especially love the fact that I often go in and come out with a book I’ve never heard of which I go on to love. I love getting recommendations from other bloggers, but I also love discovering something totally new! I do however spend so much time in there I’ve been mistaken for staff at least twice. In a shop that is almost always empty except for me, this is saying something!

What are you determined to read next year? Do you ever buy something and then get distracted and forget all about it?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#24): Top Ten Bookish Memories

  1. Wow. You really went to some lengths to get hold of the final Harry Potter!
    And a signed Jodi Picoult book? You can’t see, but I’m green with envy!

  2. Love this list! I agree with you so much about the blog. When it feels like everything else has some kind of ulterior motive, or ‘this will be good for my CV’, it’s so nice to have something that just feels like you. And getting books for review will always be an amazing feeling 🙂

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