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Top Ten Tuesday (#26): Top Ten Fantasy Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week the theme is Top Ten Characters in X Genre.

There was only one real contending genre for me, so here are my Top Ten Fantasy Characters!  A lot of them are from the same authors – clearly when I find an author’s style I like, I like to stick to it! I just find these authors all write great, three-dimensonal charactes you get really invested in.

1. Severus Snape (Harry Potter) – I think it’s a cold-hearted person who doesn’t kinda love (or at least admire) Severus Snape after Half-Blood Prince….

2. Silk (The Belgariad/Mallorean) – A wily, acrobatic, sarcastic spy and thief, he has somewhat questionable morals, but is generally loveable and loyal.

3. Tasslehoff Burrfoot (Dragonlance Chronicles) – He just manages to get all of the best lines. I read this on holiday and literally found myself reading all his lines out to my other half.

4. Yelena Zaltana (Study Trilogy) – Smart and wilfull, and most of all determined to live, Yelena is a character I can’t help coming back to again and again.

5. Althea Vestrit (The Liveship Traders) – Althea works to try and get her family’s lost Live Ship back, despite the fact that she should stay home and find a good marriage instead. She’s independent and doesn’t give a damn about tradition!


6. Elena Michaels (Women of the Otherworld) – Elena is the only female werewolf wanted as a ‘trophy’ by the males. This could so easily lead to self-pity, but instead she’s sharp and feisty and does things on her own terms.

7. Nighteyes (Farseer Trilogy) – Can’t say much without spoilers, but he’s a loyal wolf. Who doesn’t want a wolf?

8. Polgara (The Belgariad/Mallorean) – Garion’s Aunt and mentor, Polgara has a past all of her own, and is in fact probably the most powerful woman in the world. She’s harsh sometimes, and is happiest in a kitchen, living like a normal person.

9.  Jaime Lannister / Tyrion Lannister (A Song of Ice And Fire) – I couldn’t quite decide which….

10. The Hound (A Song of Ice And Fire) – okay I know this one’s a bit odd, particularly with where his story has been left for now…but he’s like this typical anti-hero that I want everything to work out for.


Who are your favourite fantasy characters? Or just favourite characters in general?

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