Bloggiesta mini challenge: Review Spreadsheet

One of the bloggiesta mini challenges I’m taking part in, is to create a review spreadsheet. You may already know I’m sort of in love with Excel, so this was a pretty obvious challenge for me!  I won’t talk too much about it, because it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Review spreadsheet

Just a brief run-down of how I’ve set it up.

Three sheets:
TBR Released: Review books that are already published
TBR Upcoming: Review books yet to be released
TBR Personal: Books from my personal pile, (owned, library or borrowed)

Five colour coded categories:
Not started: Exactly what it sounds like!
Read only: Read but not reviewed
Notes: Read & made notes
Review sched.: Review written & Scheduled
Review, CL & Arch.: Review posted, cross-linked & added to archives

I haven’t included the publisher etc, because I wanted few enough columns that I could view everything in one go.  My TBR Upcoming spreadsheet also has an additional column, target review date, so I can try to slot reviews around other release dates.

I’m sure there will be changes to come, and there are a huge amount of books to add, but for now I’ve got a simple, uncluttered review spreadsheet I’m pretty happy with.  I’ve been meaning to do this for weeks, and just didn’t have an excuse now as it was a mini challenge too!

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