Mt. TBR March Checkpoint

It’s check-in time for the Mt TBR challenge.  I’ve signed up for just the first level (Pike’s Peak) at the moment, which means I need to read 12 books that I OWNED prior to January 1st 2013 (No ARC’s allowed).

As we’re 1/4 of the way through, I should have completed 3 books (1075.5m)

I’ve so far read 6 books that cover those terms (the equivalent of 2151m)

  • Pandemonium
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • Seduction & Snacks
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • The Casual Vacancy
  • Bared to you
Surprising books
The Casual Vacancy surprised me, not necessarily in a bad way. I knew it would be a lot darker than Harry Potter from the plot, but it was also a lot more coarse, almost like Kidulthood in book format. I enjoyed it a lot, once I got past the fact it felt like JKR was revelling in being able to swear again!
Longest on my TBR pile
I’ve wanted to read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for a long time, but I’m not sure when it actually got added to my TBR on goodreads.  Pandemonium is actually the book that’s been on there the longest (Jun 15. 2012)

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