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March Wrap-Up

I didn’t post a February Wrap up, so I’m comparing to January (a super productive month!).  I lost the first two weeks of March to a university field trip and the final edits on my dissertation, but the last week of March I’ve been off uni, so it probably balances out reading-wise. My book haul has been lower than usual, because I’m trying not to take much on when I know I’m swamped with work already. Doesn’t always work though!  My blogging has also been awful this month – hoping April is better!


Books read: 17 (down 1)
Pages read: 4343 (down 1621 pages)

Average pages per day: 140 (down 52 pages)
Favourite books read: Losing It | Butter

Challenges completed this month: 0
Total challenges completed: 0/16

Book Haul

Total Books gained: 27 (down 8)
Books bought: 1 (down 1)
Books for review: 2 (down 8)
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 24 (up 1)
TBR pile change: + 7 books


On the blog

Number of Posts: 13 (down 19!)
Reviews: 2 (down 5)
Most Popular posts: Drinking Game: Harry Potter Ring of Fire | Spicy Rice Recipe | Top Ten Books I recommend the Most
My favourite posts: Inspired by House Stark | Review: The Emerald Tablet



Favourite thing I did this month: Handed in my Dissertation!
Uni Assignments this month: 3
Dissertation progress: COMPLETE
Things to focus on next month: Scheduling | Masters applications | Reviews!

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