2013 Challenges: Library Books, 1st in a series

Library Books Challenge
Level: Chapter Book (12 books)

This will all depend on how many books I can get read during university holidays and where I end up from September onwards, so for now I’m signing up for just 12 books.  If I don’t manage to find a job for over the summer, or if I end up doing something local next year, this will get upgraded.

1. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
2. The Selection
3. This Dark Endeavor
4. Coraline
5. Carnival of Souls
6. Wicked Lovely
7. Prince of Thorns
8. Wither
9. Deadlocked
10. City of Lost Souls

2013 1st In A Series Challenge

1st in A Series Challenge
Level: Series Expert (20 books that are first in a series)

1. What’s Left of Me
2. The Selection
3. This Dark Endeavor
4. How Beauty Met the Beast
5. Seduction and Snacks
6. Dance of Shadows
7. Shatter Me
8. Beautiful Creatures
9. Splintered
10. The Emerald Tablet
11. Bared to You
12. Losing It
13. Enslaved
14. The Homecoming Masquerade
15. Mila 2.0

2 thoughts on “2013 Challenges: Library Books, 1st in a series

  1. I’m in the library challenge too although I’m going for the full 36 books since I use the library all the time. Good job with the first in the series challenge I would have a hard time with that challenge because I don’t read a lot of series.

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