Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#32)

Pretty pleased with my book haul this week, particularly since my three purchases came to around £12, which I can’t really argue with! I didn’t get an awful lot posted this week because I’ve been concentrating on reading a lot for bout of books!

Screwed (NetGalley)
The Rapture (bought)
Dead Ever After (bought)
The 5th Wave (bought)
Shadowmagic (Kindle Freebie)

This week on the blog:

Posts I loved this week:

  • Jamie’s book confessions are really fun to read, and it’s interesting to see who is guilty and who’s horrified! I know I do all of them except dog-ear the pages.
  • This post on title likes has me considering which title features draw me in
  • Insatiable booksluts talk about reading blocks and asks what gets you going again.
  • With the ongoing blogger-author drama, Lori wants to know how you feel about blacklisted authors
  • I love this post on finding your best time for creative work – I’m most productive in the mornings up until about lunchtime, and between lunch and dinner is usually a write off!

Book deals: (This is a new section that may or may not stay – let me know how you feel about it!)
I spend a lot of time (a LOT of time) browsing the web for book and kindle deals, but then all too often I end up not buying anything because I’m skint! I don’t want to bore you with lots, so here are just a couple of the deals I’m tempted by this week, in case any of them appeal to you!

£3 or less                                                                                                                                            99p

How was your book haul this week?

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