Goals, Monthly recap

May Wrap-Up

This month, I finally finished my exams and coursework and I’ve now completely finished my degree! We’ll get the results around the middle of the month (wish me luck!) and then we’re back for graduation early in July.  I’m relieved that the exams are over, but it’s terrifying to think I’m now finished. I’ve got an offer for a masters course starting in 2014 (assuming I get the grades), and I’m hoping to find a job between now and then, because I just can’t afford to go this year.

This week I’ll be moving out of my uni house, which is going to take forever since I have a truly obscene amount of stuff! Then it’ll just be job hunting and generally enjoying being back at home. Things I’m looking forward to about being home:

  • Seeing my family and dogs
  • A house with heating!
  • Less fighting over the bathroom (we have 1 between 6 of us here!)
  • BATHS!
  • Being near a library

Favourite things I did this month: Finished my exams | Went to the university ball


Books read: 9 (down 2)
Pages read: 2708 (down 1170!)
Average pages per day: 87 (down 42)

Challenge Updates

[Challenge: # read this month (total/goal)]

Dystopia: 1 (12/19)
Debut Author:
2 (9/12)
Why buy the cow:
1 (6/12)
Seriously Series (pre 2013):
1 (5/7)
Seriously Series (in 2013):
3 (21/18) COMPLETE
Seriously Series (re-reads):
0 (0/3)
Erotic Literature:
1 (9/12)
2 (5/6)
Embarrassment of Riches:
0 (12/12) COMPLETE
6 (23/30) NEW GOAL: 30 books
2 (12/26)
Literary Exploration:
1 (9/12)
Mount TBR:
0 (6/12)
0 (9/10)
New Adult:
1 (4/5)
Harry Potter sorting hat:
0 (2/8)
Goodreads choice awards:
0 (9/10)
Library books:
0 (7/12)
1st in a series:
4 (20/20) NEW GOAL: 30 books
Bingo Reading Challenge:
12 squares (12/20)

Book Haul

Total Books gained: 34 (exactly the same as last month!)
Books bought: 3 (down 3)
Books for review: 10 (down 8)
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 21 (up 11)
TBR pile change: + 25 books

On the blog

Number of Posts: 18 (down 2)
Reviews: 5 (up 1)

Most Popular posts:
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This month on the blog: My June Project!

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