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Drinking Game: Fives

It’s been a while since I posted a drinking game, but as our summer ball was last week (with extortionately priced drinks), we did a fair amount of pre-drinking, and this is one of the new games we learnt.  It’s a variation of On the Bus our housemates taught us, and I’m afraid I have no idea why it’s called fives!

Name: Fives
You’ll need: 2 decks of cards, some empty floor or table space and a few drinks each.

To set up: Shuffle the deck and lay 25 random cards face down as shown in the image (ignore the text for now). Divide the rest of the cards equally among the number of players, including the dealer who plays the same way as everyone else after setting up!

I know it looks like a lot of cards, but with only 1 deck, you don’t get the bidding war, and it’s too easy to keep track of how many of each card remain in play!

fives set up
Set up for Fives – 25 random cards face down

The premise: Each row of cards has a value: if you “win” that card, you can hand out that many shots. It’s basically On the Bus crossed with a bidding war!

The rules: Once the dealer has set out the cards as shown above, each player may look at their cards.

Each row of cards has a value: cards on row 1 are worth 1 shot, cards on row 2 are worth 2 shots, etc etc until cards on row 9 are worth 9 shots (!)

The dealer flips over card 1, and everyone has the opportunity to play a matching card. There’s no set order for play, just jump in and fight for it!  To play, just announce who you want to give the shots to (one person only, you can’t split them), and place your card on top. If no one else places a card over yours, the shots go to whoever you announced. Alternatively, other players can place their cards over yours, fighting for the shots to give out. The final card placed wins.

If for example, the first card is a 10, any individual with a 10 in their hand may choose to play it. Player 1 decides to go for it, placing down a 10 and nominating Player 2.  If no one else plays a 10, player 1 wins and Player 2 has to drink the shot. Alternatively, another player places a 10 over the top, nominating player 1. It then turns into a bidding war, with  players laying down their own 10s on top, until either the cards run out, or players quietly drop out to save their 10s for a later row! The last 10 placed wins.

You don’t have to play a card when it comes up, or if you have more than one you can choose to play some early on in the game and hold onto the others. You may decide it’s worth losing an early round and hold onto a card in the hopes it’ll come up on a later row and be worth more shots. It’s a bit like cheat, trying to determine how many of each card has already been placed, whether to play yours now or later…

Note: As with most of our pre-drinking games, although this calls for shots we generally state you can just drink 1 finger of whatever you happen to be drinking (e.g. spirit and mixer, wine, beer etc). Saves time pouring shots, prevents mixing too many drinks, means lower alcohol percentages and is significantly cheaper!

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