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June Wrap-Up

This month, I started at my first post-uni job which is why the blog has been so depressingly bare! It’s only a summer temp job but it should go a long way to paying off my overdraft. Unfortunately, going from student life to 8am-5pm work has been a pretty big change, and most nights I’ve basically ended up coming home, having a shower/dinner etc, and going to bed! I’m starting to adapt to the routine a bit more now though, so hopefully things are looking up!

I also got my uni results this month and was thrilled to get a first! That means I did get into my MSc course for 2014, though I’m hoping to try and get some animal/conservation experience between now and then (and save some money towards the horrendous fees!).

It was also my birthday last weekend (busy month) so I went out for thai food, had family around and generally had a relaxed weekend.

Favourite things I did this month: Got my university grades | Had a lovely birthday


Books read: 7 (down 2)
Pages read: 2659 (down 49)
Average pages per day: 89 (up 2)
Favourites: I loved pretty much all of these but particularly Masque of the Red Death, Blood of Dragons & Ink.

Challenge Updates

[Challenge: # read this month (total/goal)]

Dystopia:  3 (15/19)
Debut Author: 
0 (9/12)
Why buy the cow:
0 (6/12)
Seriously Series (pre 2013):
2 (7/7)
Seriously Series (in 2013):
2 (23/18) COMPLETE
Seriously Series (re-reads):
  0 (0/3)
Erotic Literature: 1
1 (2/6)
Embarrassment of Riches:
  0 (12/12) COMPLETE
3 (26/30)
1  (13/26)
Literary Exploration:
0  (9/12)
Mount TBR: 
0 (6/12)
  2 (11/13)
New Adult:
0 (4/5)
Harry Potter sorting hat: 
Goodreads choice awards:
0 (9/10)
Library books:
3 (10/12)
1st in a series:
2 (22/30)
Bingo Reading Challenge:
1 (13/20)

Book Haul

Total Books gained: 20 (down 14!)
Books bought: 0! (down 3)
Books for review: 6 (down 4)
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 14 (down 7)
TBR pile change: +13 books

On the blog

Number of Posts: 13 (down 5)
Reviews: 8 (up 3)

Most Popular posts: Announcing my June Project! | Setting up my 101 in 1001 list

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