Summer Lovin’ Monday

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Faith. I’m 22, recently graduated with a BSc in Zoology with Conservation and now just trying to earn some money towards my masters.

I’m short, obsessed with porcupines, elephants, filofaxes and chocolate (particularly cheesecake). I have two dogs, a snake and a whole herd of cuddly toys!

I’ll read virtually anything but my favourite genre is definitely fantasy. My dad started reading David Eddings to me before bed as a kid and I was so desperate to know what happened next I couldn’t help reading ahead. That was pretty much that!

My readathon goals are here, but to summarise, basically I’m aiming for 7 hours, or 700 pages.(and hopefully a better balance between work and fun because I haven’t yet found a balance between my new job and having a life!)
Mini Challenge- Teaser Tidbits

Book: The Humans (Matt Haig)

Her skin was creased with age, in the way typical of the species. (The best way to think of the ageing process in relation to a human face is to imagine a map of an area of innocent land which slowly becomes a city with many long and winding routes.)

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