Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#34)

So this is my first Stacking the Shelves in a while after my June project, and I’m going to give a go at posting one without linking it up (see Celine’s post on mailbox memes for very similar reasoning!).

I’ve only linked up to a few posts I loved this week because depressingly, I haven’t had much chance to read (blogs or books!). A lot of the blog reading I have been doing has been on my phone too, and I haven’t yet found an efficient way to keep hold of links I like. I’m very open to suggestions if you have any! (I have an iPhone I can just about work).


Kindle freebies


This week on the blog:

Posts I loved this week:

  • I’m still debating how many and which memes to participate in and thought Celine raised some really interesting points on the mailbox memes (which were one of the most tempting to keep!)
  • There was a great post recently on Reading the Paranormal about being more positive in the blogging community.
  • Elena of Novel Sounds calls herself A ‘book blogger who doesn’t read‘. Do you think you read more/less than the average book blogger?
  • Cayce rants about the Goodreads friend requests she ignores. Completely agree!
  • Book whore wrote a really thought provoking post on whether deal hunting hurts our favourite authors. I’m definitely guilty of this one, because I just can’t afford not to. I’m not sure whether it’s something to feel guilty about, or whether it’s on the authors shoulders in terms of their negotiations with publishers.

How was your book haul this week?

1 thought on “Stacking the Shelves (#34)

  1. Do you know Pocket? It’s a great app you can add to both your browser on your computer and your phone, and it makes it very easy to keep track of links you want to revisit at a later time. Another good one is Evernote, which lets you keep notes and stuff. I checked for you, and both work on iPhones (:

    Tumble & Fall sounds quite interesting, hope you enjoy it!

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