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15 Day Book Blogger challenge: Bedtime Reading Ritual

April over at Good Books and Good Wine is hosting a 15 day Book Blogger Challenge, which you can read all about here. It seems like a great idea, and I’m loving the idea of putting something random and exciting into my blog at a time when my real life makes me want to sleep rather than blog!

April’s 15 day book blogger challenge

Today we’re talking about our bedtime reading rituals.

I found this one really hard, because I haven’t yet got a new routine since starting my summer job.  Honestly, most nights by the time I’ve eaten, showered etc, I’m practically ready for bed!

Although I haven’t got much of a routine down yet, I try to squeeze at least some reading in in the evenings. On the nights when my other half is here, we usually read for half an hour or so after spending some time together. He’s very good about listening to me ramble/rant afterwards though!

When he’s not here I tend to get more reading done, at least an hour or so, but I (weirdly) find it harder to concentrate! I’m hoping to get more of a routine in, but for now my weekday bedtime reading routines are pretty short, and I squeeze a lot more in at the weekend!

In terms of rituals, mine’s pretty straight forward. I’ll grab a biscuit or two, or maybe a bagel to share if we’re both hungry. Then I’ll  stick on my pyjamas, pile up the pillows, get comfy in bed and get stuck in!

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