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15 Day Book Blogger challenge: Blogging BFFs

April over at Good Books and Good Wine is hosting a 15 day Book Blogger Challenge, which you can read all about here. It seems like a great idea, and I’m loving the idea of putting something random and exciting into my blog at a time when my real life makes me want to sleep rather than blog!

April’s 15 day book blogger challenge

Today we’re talking about our blogging BFFs. Embarrassing confession time? I’m much more likely to lurk than actually get involved!

My friends and family are all convinced I’m a people person (even though I feel more like Sheldon Cooper on the inside), but that just doesn’t translate online! I think probably because in real life the choices are sort of bite the bullet and make conversation or stand in awkward silence, whereas online I can just lurk and read without any awkwardness!

Here are three bloggers (in no particular order!) who have made me feel welcome, and who I love reaching out to (on the days I feel brave enough to say anything!).

These three girls are all absolutely lovely. Our reading habits don’t always match, but I love all of their blogs – you can virtually guarantee I’ll have at least one of these open in a tab when I’m online.  They’re friendly, welcoming and always ready with an insightful comment (I got some great thoughts from them on my June Project!). Their twitter statuses make me smile, and if I was having a crisis or a crappy day, these are definitely the girls I’d go to!

I haven’t yet met any of these girls (though I did buy a t-shirt off Ellie which has ended up being one of my favourites) but maybe we’ll one day figure out the logistics of a road trip!

Any tips for being less of a wimp and reaching out more, for getting more involved in our wonderful community of bloggers? I’d love to hear your ideas! I’m thinking I may make a challenge out of it, because I like having goals and checklists etc (Yes, I am a geek).

Who are your blogging BFFs? Any tips for becoming more social?

7 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger challenge: Blogging BFFs

  1. Awwww all the warm and fuzzies! Thank you. I think the important thing to remember is that the majority of book bloggers are all the same crazy people deep down. The good sort of crazy. No matter how stupid you think your input is there will be loads of us who agree completely or can at least appreciate where you’re coming from.

  2. Thanks Ellie 🙂 Warm and fuzzies well deserved! Logically I know that everyone is lovely and just as crazy, but I think it’s difficult online, especially with the limited number of characters on twitter, to be 100% sure that what I’m trying to say comes off the way I mean it. Particularly since I’m very sarcastic in real life, and online that can easily come across as more offensive than joking!

  3. I have no idea when it comes to branching out. It’s funny because there are bloggers who I feel like I know because I keep up with their blogs and you just learn a lot about people that way, but they don’t know me from Adam’s house cat. I think just commenting on other people’s stuff maybe? The people I feel the closest to are the ones that have commented on my page and I’ve commented on theirs.

    Day 3
    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  4. Aw Faith, you are too sweet! Thanks so much (: Being on your list totally makes my day. As for the being less of a wimp part, I have absolutely no idea! I’m such a wimp myself, I always feel so awkward on Twitter and when I comment, and am always afraid of coming across weird on the internet. So lots of lurking on my end as well 😀

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