Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#34)


I had a pretty great haul this week. Back at uni for graduation, I came home to some great post! I really didn’t need any more books, so I probably shouldn’t have bought any, or requested more on NetGalley, but I just couldn’t resist.

Escaping Reality
The Bookstore
Horn Pattern
After the Ending
Demon Lovers #1-5

Physical review books
The Husband’s Secret (Real Readers)

Cold Sacrifice (Real Readers)
The Bookman’s Tale (Publisher)

The Essence
Prince of Thorns

This week on the blog

I got virtually NOTHING posted this week, since there was no wifi in the hotel! That meant the only things that got posted were what I’d scheduled before leaving.  This has drastically thrown me off the 15 Day Book Blogger challenge and now I’m not sure whether to frantically try and back post to catch up, start now from where I left off, carry on with the last few days ignoring the gap, or give it all up!

Hopefully next week won’t be quite so bare, but here’s all I got posted this week:

How was your book haul this week?

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