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2013 Goal Progress

Way back at the start of 2013, one of our Top Ten Tuesday topics was Top Ten Goals for 2013.  Just over halfway through the year now (about 55%), I figure it’s time to review how well I’m getting on with those goals.

My goals & Progress
1. Read 75 books  – AHEAD
–  I’ve increased my goal to 120, since I’ve read 76 books so far.  I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be working from September onwards, so I’ll re-evaluate my goal when I know!

2. Read 25 000 pages – AHEAD
–  I’ve so far read 24 000 pages this year, so I’m increasing my goal to 40 000.

3. Complete at least 75% of the challenges I’ve signed up forON TRACK (I think!)
–  Of the 18 challenges I’ve signed up for, I’m roughly on track for all bar 2, so hopefully this one should get done.

4. Write reviews within 2 weeks of finishing books – FAIL
–  This has been a total failure! I think I’m just going to scrap this and number 6 – they make reading and blogging feel too much like a chore.

5. Comment more – TOO VAGUE
–  Am I commenting more than last year? I’ve no idea! I need a better way of tracking or motivating myself for this one.

6. Try to read two books I already own before buying another – FAIL
–  Firstly, I don’t keep track enough, and secondly I’m just too moody a reader!

7. Post at least 52 reviews – ON TRACK
–  29 down, 23 to go. I’ve been averaging 1 a week and just need to make sure I keep that average (or ideally higher) for the rest of the year).

8. Consider ebooks over hard copies – ON TRACK

9. Abuse the library when home over the summer – ON TRACK

10. Keep better track of my reading – ON TRACK
–  I’ve been updating my challenges monthly on goodreads so they should be easier to deal with at the end of the year.

11. Schedule more for the blog – NEEDS MORE WORK
–  Things are really busy now that I’ve started my summer job, and my blogging is suffering for it. I really need to get more organised on this one!

12. Read what I want to read – ON TRACK

What are you determined to achieve this year? How are you getting on with your reading or blogging goals?

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