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15 Day Book Blogger challenge: How I choose what to read next (Day 10)

April over at Good Books and Good Wine is hosting a 15 day Book Blogger Challenge, which you can read all about here. It seems like a great idea, and I’m loving the idea of putting something random and exciting into my blog at a time when my real life makes me want to sleep rather than blog!

April’s 15 day book blogger challenge

Day 10 of the Book blogging Challenge asks us how we choose our next books.

I’m not very good at sticking to a plan for what to read next,because I’m a pretty moody reader! Here’s how I try to pick though.

First of all , I look to see if I’ve got any immediate review books to deal with, something nearing the release date. I’ll also check to see if I’ve got a tour coming up.

If I haven’t, the next thing to get read are any library books. I know I CAN renew them five times in a row, giving me them for something like 15 weeks, but I feel bad renewing them if I’m not even trying to get them finished! If I really don’t want to read a library book, I’d rather just take it back and borrow it another time than force myself when I’m not in the mood, or keep renewing it for ages. In terms of choosing what to read at the library, I basically just skim through my goodreads TBR list and trying to reserve a few that I’m in the mood for. Then when I go to pick up my reservations, I’ll also browse to see if anything else jumps out at me.

After that, I’ll pick up any review books or new releases I’m dying to read. Basically whatever is high priority out of my personal choices. This particularly applies to new releases, because I feel like if I’ve paid full price for them when they’re new, I need to read them then, rather than 6 months later when they’re cheaper!

FINALLY I’ll look through the books I own but haven’t read yet.

Unfortunately, this way of choosing means I often end up leaving my own books for ages, and reading predominantly review copies or library books. I’ve been trying to work on that, but I still haven’t quite got the balance down yet! I’m thinking about maybe making a TBR jar, but I’m not sure if it’d work for me. I might experiment with it and see how it works out.

How do you choose what to read next?

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