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July Wrap-Up

I didn’t honestly do a lot this month! I’m still working at my summer job (which hasn’t got any more exciting but is paying off my overdraft). I went back to uni for a week for mine and my other half’s graduations, which was a lot of fun. It was nice to catch up with people and spend some time together, since work means we haven’t seen an awful lot of eachother recently!

A warning in advance: this month my blogging might be a little sporadic. I’m taking part in the Beat the heat readathon for the first two weeks, but I imagine I’ll be losing the second half of the month to real life! My other half will be leaving for uni in September and he’s also away at the minute, so we’ll probably be spending a lot of time together for that period in the middle.

Other than that, I’ve got nothing really planned except reading and generally chilling out when I’m not working!

Favourite thing I did this month: Graduation


Books read: 9 (up 2)
Pages read: 2782 (up 128)
Average pages per day: 90 (Up 1)
Favourites: Babylon’s Ark & Throne of Glass

Challenge Updates

[Challenge: # read this month (total/goal)]

Dystopia:  0 (15/19)
Debut Author: 
2 (12/12) COMPLETE
Why buy the cow:
0 (6/12)
Seriously Series (pre 2013):
0 (7/7)
Seriously Series (in 2013):
4 (27/18) COMPLETE
Seriously Series (re-reads):
  0 (0/3)
Erotic Literature: 2
(13/12) COMPLETE
0 (2/6)
Embarrassment of Riches:
  0 (12/12) COMPLETE
4 (30/30) NEW GOAL: 40
0  (13/26)
Literary Exploration:
1 (10/12)
Mount TBR: 
0 (6/12)
  0 (11/13)
New Adult:
1 (5/5) COMPLETE
Harry Potter sorting hat: 
1 (3/8)
Goodreads choice awards:
0 (9/10)
Library books:
3 (13/12) NEW GOAL: 18
1st in a series:
4 (26/30)
Bingo Reading Challenge:
1 (14/20)

Book Haul

Total Books gained: 27 (up 7)
Books bought: 2 (up 2)
Books for review: 12 (up 6)
Freebies/Gifts/Borrowed: 13 (down 1)
TBR pile change: +18 books

On the blog

Number of Posts: 21 (up 8)
Reviews: 2 (down 6!)

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