August 2013 goals

I used to set myself goals once a month, and although I’ve let the habit drop, I think it’s a good one. I’m experimenting this month with bringing it back to see if it keeps me more motivated (or if I’ll just come back in a month with my tail between my legs!).

Here are my goals for August:


  • Drink at least 500ml of water a day
  • Lose 4lbs
  • Get 400+ minutes of dedicated exercise in

I know 500ml is nowhere near as much as I should be drinking, but I very rarely drink anything – I just don’t tend to get thirsty, so I never think about it! I’m hoping by committing to 500ml a day I’ll get into the habit and gradually start drinking more.

In terms of weight loss…well last year and earlier this year it was going really well. Then came dissertation time, so watching what I ate went out the window, and then with all the summer and graduation celebrations, my weight has been slowly creeping back up. I’m hoping that by committing it publicly on the blog I can get back on track! If I can lose those 4lbs it’ll take me back down into the stone I was before (though still above where I had got to). In terms of the exercise, 400 minutes is well below the guidelines, but I am an exercise hater so I’d be thrilled if I managed that much!

Blogging & Reading

  • To post on StudentSpyglass 20 times
  • To write at least 4 reviews
  • Finish at least 4 books
  • Track my blog stats!

After my truly pathetic 2 reviews in July, I need to get more organised! April’s 15 day blogger challenge has meant I’ve been posting reasonably regularly again this month, and I’d like to keep that up – I was previously blogging most days, and I want to get back to that if possible. I’ve only set my goal at 4 books this month since when my other half is back I suspect reading, blogging and pretty much everything else will go out the window to spend some time together!


  • Spend lots of time with M when he gets back (and before he’s back to uni)
  • Add at least 10 more goals to my 101 in 1001 list
  • Go to the cinema

A few more fun goals in this section! There are lots of great looking films on at the minute and it’s an excuse for M and I to spend some time alone together.  I think my 9 goals may be a little ambitious, given how busy the month looks right now, but I’ll give it a go!

Have you set any goals for August? What would you most like to achieve this month?

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