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Top Ten Tuesday (#36): Top Ten Secondary Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers.  This week the theme is Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters.

This is the first time I’ve taken part in TTT in over a month, but I really liked this theme so I couldn’t pass it up! Often I find it’s not actually the main character I love, but the supporting characters – I can probably think of at least 10 characters I like more than Harry Potter for example!  A lot of these aren’t really secondary characters, because they are necessary for the plot, but as long as they aren’t the main character I’m just going to go with it!

I’ve actually only got seven this week – although I could have filled the ten slots (with Harry Potter characters alone!), these are the favourites that really jumped out at me so I’m going to leave it at these seven.

Severus Snape (Harry Potter series) – There was absolutely no way Snape could be left off this list!

Delia Peabody (In Death series) – Her witty back and forth with Dallas, as well as her loyalty, humour and general good nature make her one of my favourite secondary characters ever.

Dobby (Harry Potter series) – I know it’s sort of cheating to put two characters from the same serious but Dobby is loveable in a very different way to Snape. He instantly makes me smile.

The Hound (A Song of Ice and Fire series) – perhaps not an obvious choice for a favourite character perhaps, but my other favourites wouldn’t count as secondary. The Hound just intrigues me immensely, and I loved putting little bits together about him as the series went on.

Silk (The Belgariad/Mallorean series) – possibly my favourite secondary character on this list, he’s hilariously sarcastic and witty. Perhaps somewhat immoral, but as he says, everyone has their faults 😉

Tasslehoff Burrfoot (The Dragonlance Chronicles) – Tas is hilarious in a very different way from Silk, but he still makes me giggle. An innocent and absent-minded kleptomaniac, Tas provides the light hearted relief in the stories often making me laugh out loud!

Paragon (Liveship Traders trilogy) – it’s hard to say much about Paragon without giving too much away about the story. Let me just say that Paragon, the mad liveship who has drowned two crews already, is definitely a fantastically memorable and unique character!

Who are your favourite secondary characters?

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday (#36): Top Ten Secondary Characters

  1. Great list. I too often like the supporting characters more than the main character. Almost every character on my list is one I like more than their book’s protagonist.

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