Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#37)


I’m very pleased with my haul this week – I deliberately decided to cut back on buying books, because I have so many already. Between the books on my shelves and the books on my kindle I could probably go an entire year without buying another book! (Okay I won’t, but the important thing is that I could)

So anyway, given my mounting book guilt over buying books and then having them sit on the shelves for months, I didn’t buy any books at all this week, sticking to purely freebies and library books. I tried to limit the number of review books I requested too, since I have even more guilt over not reading those quickly!

I’m especially intrigued by The See-Through Leopard, and I love the fact that a percentage of the royalties go to Panthera. I’m also very curious about Graceling and The Raven Boys, because I’ve heard a lot about both but never got around to reading them.

For Review

The See-Through Leopard (NetGalley)
Night of the Purple Moon (LibraryThing)


Such Wicked Intent
Immortal Beloved
The Raven Boys
The Ambassador’s Mission
Dark Life

Kindle Freebies

The Lost Ark
Kiss of Fire
Larby Lodge
Dark Season: The Complete First Series

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Did you get any great books this week?

2 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (#37)

  1. I’m trying to be good at not buying too many books, as there are a few stacked up on my Kindle now, plus the usual library reservations that keep trickling in! But yay for Kindle freebies. 😀

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