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[After Dark] Review: Bonds of Desire (Lynda Aicher)

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Summary (From
Lawyer Allison English n
ever planned to return to The Den—despite her naughty fantasies about being bound by owner Seth Matthews. But when club guest Tyler Wysong is injured in a scene, Seth turns to Allie for help. Aroused by both men, Allie should turn the case down. But she can’t…

After his bad experience, Tyler has no interest in being with another Dom. Yet he can’t deny his attraction to Master Seth. When Seth offers him a place to stay, Tyler agrees—if Allie will stay too. But what good is a chaperone who adds to his temptation?

Living with two subs brings out Seth’s protective instincts, though Allie insists she’s not into the lifestyle, and Tyler swears he’s done with it. But the chemistry between the trio prompts them to agree to submit to him for one week, and he’ll show them both the true pleasure that a Dom can provide.

The intimacy could break them all, or bind them together forever

Title: Bonds of Desire
Author: Lynda Aicher
Length: 384 Pages
Source: Purchased
Series: Yes – #3 of Wicked Play

Plot: ★★
Characters: ★★
Readability: ★
Overall: ★★

My opinion:

I don’t honestly really know where to start with reviewing Bonds of Desire. I read and very much enjoyed Bonds of Need, but Bonds of Desire was a disappointment for me.

First of all, the whole book was in need of a really good edit. I might expect that from an ARC but having purchased Bonds of Desire from Amazon as a finished book, I was surprised. A minor spelling mistake or grammatical error can be ignored, but in Bonds of Desire the errors thoroughly put me off the story. From missing words to mixing up character names, I found it very hard to look past the writing and get engrossed in the story.  The amount these errors wound me up reflects how little I was gripped by the book – it’s easy to ignore or even miss errors when you’re truly engrossed in the story. In this case I’m afraid it’s difficult to tell whether the mistakes prevented me from getting engrossed or whether I noticed the mistakes because the story wasn’t gripping enough. Given how much I enjoyed the first two books, the errors in Bonds of Desire left me feeling like this had been published when it wasn’t ready. This feels particularly wrong when it’s part of a series, as it sort of feels like a sub-standard book has been published relying on the fact people will buy it because they loved the rest of the series.

This was the first story I’ve read which involved a threesome so I can’t compare it to any others. The three characters had great chemistry, and the time spent at Seth’s was both intimate and very sexy. I was definitely interested in seeing the three of them work things out, but whilst they connected well in the bedroom and in private, the connection between the characters felt a little shallow, particularly given the great connections between the couples in both Bonds of Trust and Bonds of Need.

Obviously, the plot is supposed to be about Tyler getting over his trauma, and the three of them developing a relationship. For a lot of the book, perhaps the first two-thirds, that’s exactly what Bonds of Desire is about.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of talking and going around in circles in a can-they/can’t-they sort of way, without a huge amount of progress, and because I wasn’t especially enamoured with any of the characters, it sometimes felt dry and slow. Later on, a plot twist is thrown in which gives the story something more; a problem to be resolved, rather than a debate to have over and over. Whilst that meant more action and instantly got my attention, it came very late in the book, and felt rushed, with a resolution that was a bit of an anti-climax.

Seth’s quiet dominance, Allie’s defiance and Tyler’s attitude were all somewhat unexpected elements, making them much more interesting than the sometimes cliché romance characters. However, sometimes it felt like these elements were the only part of their characters that were really focused on – Allie for example became defined by her urge to run away, rather than any of her strengths.

While I certainly didn’t hate Bonds of Desire, I found it disappointing when compared to the first two books of the series. The plot was interesting, but felt uneven throughout the book, and whilst I liked the characters most of the time, there was a LOT of talking without an awful lot of action. Bonds of Desire wouldn’t put me off the rest of the series, but I wouldn’t recommend it either.

Buy it? Not for me.
In a nutshell: Some very sexy scenes, but otherwise disappointing.

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