A Quick Update (AKA, where the hell Faith has been)

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, my blogging has pretty much disappeared recently.  It’s not that I don’t want to blog, it’s just that I literally have not had chance recently! So I’m just posting a quick update to let say that I’m still alive, to fill you in a bit on what I’ve been up to and to reassure you I will be back!

So what have I been doing to keep me so busy I haven’t had chance to blog, (or even read for that matter)?  I’d love to say I was doing something really fun and exciting, but honestly, I wasn’t!  Firstly, my parents are away at the moment so I’m babysitting, looking after the dogs and so on. By the time I’ve finished work, come home and done the cooking, walked the dogs, helped my sister with her homework etc, I usually look like the kitten below…by about 10pm! This is literally the first time I’ve had a chance to turn my laptop on all week.

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On top of that, I’ve also been working five days a week, plus volunteering one to get some work experience, which leaves me a one day weekend!  The other things will all calm down once my parents get home, but the six-day week is on the cards from now until Christmas, after which I should go back to just working five days a week.  I’m currently doing some serious thinking about making my daily routine more efficient, so that I can fit in some more fun time, blogging and reading (since right now I feel like a walking talking stress ball!).

I’m aiming to get back on track next week when my family get back, and hope you won’t all give up on me in the meantime!  Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll hopefully see you all next week 😉

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