Stacking the shelves

Stacking the Shelves (#46)


This week I only got a few books, and they’re all from the library so I don’t feel too guilty!  I reserved Deadline pretty much as soon as I finished Feed because I LOVED Feed so much!  Shadow was free on my library’s ebook collection, and so I decided to take my first delve into the ebook library with it.

My library are running a lucky dip shelf over Christmas – pick up a gift wrapped book, take it out, and open it up when you get home to see what you’ve got!  The motivation behind the shelf is that people can’t be put off a title by the cover.  I don’t think I’m guilty of that, but I am guilty of going for the books I know are on my goodreads shelves, rather than browsing for things I’ve never heard of!  I figured it was worth a go, because if I really wasn’t interested in the books I could always bring them back!  I got Waiting for Sunrise and The Time of Singing which  both sound okay, but I don’t know whether I’ll get around to them since I know I have some great titles at the moment!


Waiting for Sunrise
The Time of Singing

This week on the blog:

Would you pick up a mystery library rental? Add anything great to your shelves this week?

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