Lucky No. 14 Reading Challenge Progress

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1. Visit The Country: The Last Savanna (review)

2. Cover Lust: The Assassin’s Blade

3. Blame it on Bloggers: Graceling (thanks to Bex as part of the Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap!)

4. Bargain All The Way: The Maze Runner

5. (Not So) Fresh From the Oven:
Do you remember you bought/got a new released book last year but never had a chance to read it? Dig it from your pile and bring back the 2013.

6. First Letter’s Rule: Fangirl

7. Once Upon a Time:
Choose a book that’s been published for the first time before you were born (not necessarily has to be a classic book, just something a little bit older than you is okay. You can read the most recent edition if you want to)

8. Chunky Brick: Fool’s Fate

9.  Favorite Author: Fool’s Errand

10. It’s Been There Forever: Broken

11. Movies vs Books: Before I go to sleep

12. Freebies Time:
What’s the LAST free book you’ve got? Whether it’s from giveaway, a birthday gift or a surprise from someone special, don’t hold back any longer. Open the book and start reading it now :D

13. Not My Cup of Tea: The Girl With all the gifts (Horror)

14. Walking Down The Memory Lane:
Ever had a book that you loved so much as a kid? Or a book that you wish you could read when you were just a child? Grab it now and prepare for a wonderful journey to the past :) Comic books or graphic novels are allowed!

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