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Top Ten Tuesday (#45): Top Ten Goals For 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers.  This week the theme is Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014.


Get my NetGalley feedback to approval ratio above 80%
I don’t even want to discuss how terrible my approval ratio is right now!  I went pretty crazy when I first started using NetGalley, and there were several books I didn’t download before they were archived, so trying to improve my ratio is my number one goal this year.  Getting it to 80% is probably not too likely, but I’m determined to at least try!

Read at least 100 books
Last year I read 129 books, but this year I’m hoping to read some longer books as well, so I’m setting my goal slightly lower.

Read 45,000 pages
Last year I read around 42,000 pages, so in line with my goal to read longer books, I’m hoping to read 45,000 pages.

Read 12 books off my 101 Fantasy Project
I love fantasy, but sometimes I feel like I put off fantasy books to ‘keep up’ in the book blogging community.  This year, I’d like to prioritise my personal choices and read at least 12 books off my 101 Fantasy Project.



Write 75 reviews
This fits in with goal #1, to get my NetGalley approval ratio up!  Last year I aimed for 52 reviews, but this year I want to aim a little higher, and try to get 75 done.

Branch out more
I’ve talked about how I want to be more personal with the blog, so I’d like to post about other things as well as books this year.  Whether it’s what’s going on in my life, recipes, filofax posts, or something else, I’d like to post about some of the other things I’m loving in real life!

Change my layout
This is a really simple goal, I’d just like to change things up visually!



Be healthier
I’ve been eating a lot less healthily since my surgery, since I’m suddenly allowed to eat anything I like again.  Between that, Christmas, and leading a much less active life now I’ve finished uni, I’m feeling very unhealthy, and I’ve gained some weight I’m not happy with.  In 2014, I’d like to concentrate on eating more healthily, trying to introduce exercise (a mammoth feat!), and hopefully getting back to a weight I’m happy with.

Find a job & save towards my MSc
I’m due to start my MSc in October 2014, and it’s going to be hugely expensive.  I’d like to find a job so that I can save some money between now and then, to help pay for my living costs and tuition fees.

Get organized
I am not a tidy person.  In fact, my other half often tells me that I’m the messiest person he’s ever met.  I’ve never been able to get into the habit of being tidy before, but it’s something I’d really like to tackle this year.  After losing a set of important documents, resulting in panic and a crazy amount of stress, I’m hoping to finally try and train myself into being at least vaguely organized!


I love hearing about everyone else’s goals, so please let me know what you’re hoping to achieve in 2014?

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