Review copy cleanup 4.0

Vicky and Celine are hosting the Review Copy Clean-up throughout February, and the idea is to read as many review books as you can to try and clear up that pile.  This fits in perfectly with my aim to improve my NetGalley ratio so I’m definitely in!

I’m not setting myself a specific goal, just to read as many review copies as I can throughout the month.  The ones below are at the top of my list, so I’d like to get through at least three of these.

prisoner of night and fog

I’d also like to try and mix in a few older titles that have sat neglected on my NetGalley pile such as:

I seriously doubt I’ll get through all of these, as I’ve only managed 7 books so far this month!  While I’m not setting myself a specific number of books to target, I am going to try and make sure at least two-thirds of the books I read in February are from my review pile.

Sign-ups are open until the 15th of February, so if you need an excuse to work on your review pile, go join in!

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