Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap

A mysterious parcel arrived for me this morning, when I wasn’t expecting anything, so I hoped it was my Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap.  I rushed to the door (I admit, in my dressing gown) to greet the postman and take the parcel.  First thought? If this is my swap, she has very neat handwriting!

I did debate (for about three seconds) leaving it until Valentines day itself to open, since my other half is away and I have zero plans for the day.  But I couldn’t resist, so open it I did. I justified it by convincing myself it might not be my swap and I’d be waiting until Friday for something potentially  boring!


I opened it up and resisted the temptation to instantly open mysterious packages within, and opened the card instead.    My gift was from Bex, of An Armchair by the Sea (and co-organiser of the Ninja Book Swap!).

So, now I knew who it was from the curiosity was getting the best of me (as was the urge to eat the Freddos but that’s a whole different issue!).

I opened up the book first, and am thrilled that it contained….

Everyone seems to have absolutely loved this series, and I’ve been meaning to read it forever.  Confession: I even reserved it at the library before but they only had the most enormous large print version, and I was too lazy to carry it around!

I’m really excited to read this – when 21 of my goodreads friends have reviewed it with an average of 4.00, that’s got to be a good sign.  I think I know what my Friday night plans might be now….

So, onto the mysterious yellow parcel, which was soft, and strangely shaped.  I literally laughed when I opened it because it’s so adorable…

I apologise for the fact you can’t see amazingly well in the photo – you can tell that a) I’m not a photographer and b) I was too excited about posting to take great photos!

He’s an amazing, completely handmade elephant – he even has eyes, although you can’t see them in this picture.  I am completely obsessed with elephants so this is perfect, and so thoughtful.

Thank you Bex for my wonderful gifts!  My Valentine’s Day plans just went up enormously (assuming I can force myself to wait until Friday)


The Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap is the first swap I’ve taken part in, and I have to say I might just be hooked!  I’ll definitely be signing up for the next one in the Summer.

Thanks to Bex and Hanna for organising, and I hope the rest of you all get lovely parcels soon 🙂

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap

  1. Aww, I love that elephant. I wish I could knit things half as well as Bex can…

    Graceling really is good. I keep meaning to reread it, but you know how it is – so many books so little time!

    Thanks for participating in the Ninja Swap – we’ll back again in the Summer!

    1. Thanks for hosting 😀

      Even my boyfriend loved the elephant, which I think is saying something!

      My plan for tonight I think is getting started on Graceling (and eating lots of chocolate), so hopefully I’ll get to see why everyone loves it soon!

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