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Review copy cleanup 4.0: Week 2

My goals were:

  • at least three review copies throughout February,
  • to make sure at least two-thirds of the books I read in February were from my review pile.

Last week I read two books, both from my review pile, so that was a good start, but this week unfortunately wasn’t quite so good! I read three books, but only one was from my review pile.

That means so far I’m on 3 review copies, but only 60% of the books I’ve read this month were from my review pile.  Ideally I need to read at least one review copy this week to go back up to my two-thirds goal.


Sea of Shadows was the only review copy I read this week.  Although it had a very different style to Bitten, I really liked the characters and it was a really quick, tension filled read.

Plans for week 3:

I’m currently reading Graceling, which I received as part of the Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap.  My next review copy will probably be either Echo Boy or Panic, both of which I’m really excited about, I just need to decide which one to read first!

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