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The Weekly Recap (#9)

This week on the blog


I got two books this week.  The lovely folk at HodderFiction sent me a copy of Two For Joy because I sent them a picture of a hedgehog reading (it makes more sense then it sounds!).  I was also very excited to find a review copy of Prince of Fools waiting for me at home after a crappy day this week.  Big thanks also to HarperVoyager for drastically improving my day!

Prince of fools

Prince of Fools [Review Copy]
Two For Joy [Gifted from HodderFiction]

Total spend this week: £0

My Week

I have a terrible confession for a filofax owner…This week, I didn’t pick my filofax up once! I’ve had very little on this week except work, and so between that and not really blogging (oops), I just didn’t really have much to write about.  This week I…

  • …finally saw Gravity. I’m still not honestly sure how I felt about it!
  • …went out for dinner for someone’s birthday, and ordered a blue steak. Call me a cavewoman, but I’ll be ordering it that way from now on!
  • …Played some Pokemon on my breaks, because I’m a kid like that!


Finished: Panic

Up Next: I honestly have no idea what’s next! I’ve been working on The Book Thief but I haven’t got very far into it.  My reading since Christmas has been much slower, so this week I’m not going to plan, just try and read what I fancy!

Challenge Progress

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Faith has
read 15 books toward her goal of 100 books.
  • Seriously Series:
    • Series Started before 2014: 3/18
  • Library Books challenge: 3/36
  • LGBTQ: 1/3
  • TBR Pile Reading challenge: 0/31
  • Review Pile Reading Challenge: 6/31

How was your week?

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