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Spring 2014 Bloggiesta Goals

Between Mother’s day and being out both Thursday night and Friday night, I’m not sure how much I’ll get done as part of this Bloggiesta, but that won’t stop me setting myself plenty of goals!

I’m not focusing on reviews this time, because I’m hoping to spend quite a lot of time on them as part of the monster reviewathon next week.  Obviously any reviews or notes I can get done will be a big bonus, they’re just not priority this weekend.


  • Sign up for both Monster Thons – ✔ (goals)
  • Schedule at least two upcoming Top Ten Tuesdays
  • Schedule March Wrap-Up post – ✔
  • Cross-post reviews to Amazon & Goodreads – ✔
  • Update reading challenge progress
  • Update review archives – both A-Z and genre
  • Take part 1 mini challenge (probably either Blog Post Bingo or the NetGalley mini challenge)
  • Set up reminders for future blog readathons and events!

4 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Bloggiesta Goals

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I need to add a wrap up post to my list too! Every single time I see someones list my list grows by one more thing to do. Good luck on your list! Happy Bloggiesta!!

  2. You have awesome goals 🙂 AND I see that you have made a lot of progress too from your update posts!!! Setting up reminders is such a good idea! I never thought to do that but I might take a few minutes to add those to my calender this weekend as well.

    I hope you get all your goals completed 😀 😀

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