‘Fessing up: On slimming (or not slimming!) with the enemy…

You may remember that once upon a time, I posted quite a few recipes on StudentSpyglass, all with weight watchers ProPoints values.  They were pretty popular, and my spicy rice recipe is one of my most popular posts, so you may be wondering why I stopped posting recipes.  Well, it’s time for a confession…

When I started work on my dissertation last summer, Weight Watchers went out the window.  And THEN, once I had my gallbladder out at the end of last year…well, to be honest I just went a bit crazy indulging in all the high fat foods that had previously been off limits to me!

Now, my mum has started going to Slimming World….and I’ve been going with her (hence the slimming with the enemy title).   BUT, we’ve been going for 12 weeks now, and I have to admit, I just haven’t really been trying.  I stick to it reasonably well, lose a bit, then visit Matt, have big student nights out, and gain it all back (and then some!). Plus, I indulged obscenely over Easter weekend!

In 12 weeks, I have lost a grand total of 7.5 lbs

I know if I hadn’t been going I would have gained those 7.5 lbs, or probably more, because we’d still have had the parties and the nights out, but they wouldn’t have been balanced out by my attempting to be good.  But still, 7.5 lbs is pretty pathetic, and so I’m owning up to it, and hoping that being accountable will make me stick to it more!

For those of you who are curious about how Slimming World works, I’m following the Extra Easy plan, which pretty much works as follows:

  • Superfree foods: this is your fruit and veg (with a few exceptions) – 1/3 of each meal should be made up of these
  • Free foods: The list of free foods is pretty huge.  All lean meats, potatoes, pasta, baked beans, rice, noodles, eggs, certain yoghurts…You can eat unlimited portions of these, but since I know portion control is part of the problem, I usually still weigh rice/pasta before cooking (else I end up cooking enough for 8 instead of four!).
    Free foods make up the bulk of your diet
  • Healthy Extra A: These are your dairy products – cheese, milk etc. You get different amounts depending on fat percentages etc.
    You get one of these per day.
  • Healthy Extra B: This is your fibre (and one of the areas I struggle with!). This is for brown bread, certain cereals, and various other things like crispbreads etc – but honestly, I just use them for the cereal or bread!
    Again, you get one of these per day

On top of those foods, you get syns. These are basically the bits you have to count, the equivalent to Weight Watchers weekly points. You can have up to 15 syns per day, and I tend to use them all! Here’s a few examples of things I like to spend my syns on:
– A freddo (5 syns)
– Mini eggs x 8 (6 syns)
– Lemon curd on toast (2.5, using the bread as my Healthy Extra B)
– Cadbury’s Options (2 syns)
– Rose wine (6 syns per 175ml)
– Jack Daniels (3 syns 25ml)
– A crumpet (4 syns plus toppings)

Now let’s be honest, the plan isn’t exactly rocket science, and it’s fundamentally very similar to Weight Watchers, I just need to stick to it!  I like the fact that your Healthy Extras are separate from syns, because on Weight Watchers I would never want to pay the syns for milk/cheese, but I don’t find the meetings as helpful.  Now that I’ve signed up to do the 5k in June and am making an effort to get healthier, I’d like to better in terms of food (and hopefully weight loss) too, so I’m signing up for another 12 weeks at Slimming World and aiming to lose more than 7.5 lbs this time! As Thursdays have always been a bit of an unscheduled day anyways, from now on, I’m hoping to use them to keep me accountable and motivated.  Whether it’s a slimming world recipe, a check-in after my weigh in, or something else entirely, look for something slimming inspired on Thursdays from now on!

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