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Chinese takeaway on Slimming world?!

I lost 1lb last night, which again is good but a little disappointing given how good I’ve been.  I know realistically I usually only lose 1-2lbs when I’m being good though, so I know I should be pleased with that!

This morning I felt really motivated, but I’ve just had one of those days where everything seems to get in the way! First of all the lunch options were awful at work, so we ended up with veg lasagne (counting the cheese as my Healthy Extra A which I always forget to eat!) and half a portion of sweet potato chips (counting 2 syns for oil).

So, so far so good, but then dinner was a disaster! First we were late home, and then the sausages I’d planned to use were out of date, and we had literally nothing else in.  We ended up having chinese, so off I went in search of slimming world friendly take out ideas.  So, in case you’re interested, here are some of the best choices we found for watching your syns.

  • Take out starters are unsurprisingly high.  Finding a reliable count for spring rolls or satay chicken is difficult, but prawn toast is 7 syns for 2 pieces.
    • A better choice would be prawn crackers (1.5 syns per 5) or BBQ ribs (8.5 syns per 4 ribs)
  • Rice is the best choice if you’re trying to save syns.  Boiled rice is free, egg fried rice is 4 syns and special fried rice is 9.5 syns.
    • Although noodles are theoretically free, they’re usually swamped in oil which makes them really hard to estimate.  A chicken chow mein is a whopping 16.5 syns!
  • In terms of main dishes, chicken in oyster sauce (4 syns), beef with mushrooms (4.5 syns) or chicken and black bean sauce (5 syns) are about the best bet.
    • For a noodle dish, chicken chop suey is only 5.5 syns.


What I had:
I went with boiled rice (free) and chicken with ginger and spring onions.  I couldn’t find a value for the chicken, but I’m hoping it’s similar to the chicken in mushrooms or black bean, and I estimated 5 syns.

I also had 5 prawn crackers (1.5 syns) and a third of a chow mein – which we asked for with as little oil as possible.  It was definitely much less oily than usual so I estimated 12 syns (to be on the safe side) and as we shared it I’ve estimated my portion at at 4 syns.

All of the portions were huge, so I only actually ate half of my chicken and rice, so I have plenty left for lunch at work tomorrow too.

All in all, a very filling, indulgent chinese takeaway for around 10.5 syns – not too bad!

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