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Top Ten Tuesday (#53): Top Ten Books I’ve read since I started blogging

Top Ten Tuesday is a feature hosted at The Broke and The Bookish where they post a list idea and everyone is welcome to post the list with their own answers. This week is a freebie, so we can choose any topic.  I’ve decided to go with my Top Ten favourite reads since I started blogging.

**I’m only allowing one book from a series on the list, so the list doesn’t get dominated by lots from the same series!**

Throne of Glass (Review)

I absolutely loved both Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight.
Celaena, the eighteen year old assassin of Adarlan is a wonderful feisty heroine, and I loved the plot of Throne of Glass.  Sarah J. Maas’ worldbuilding is wonderful, detailed but not dry, and the story is still fast paced.  I loved the characters, the mystery and the romance (despite a love triangle).  Crown of Midnight was every bit as good as the first book, and I can’t wait for Heir of Fire in September.

The Humans (Review)

The Humans is one of the books I recommend the most.  It’s currently £3.50 and I honestly feel it’s worth every penny of that and more.  Matt Haig’s writing is wonderful, and The Humans manages to be funny yet poignant, inspiring and heart-warming.  As I said in my review, The Humans is a brilliantly written, truly funny tale of an alien who discovers what it means to be human.

Fangirl (Review)

After The Humans, Fangirl is probably the book I recommend the most.  I was really wary of it because I’d read so many rave reviews, and was worried it wouldn’t live up to them (and also because though I liked Eleanor and Park I didn’t love it).   I don’t think I can sum up my feelings on Fangirl any more clearly than this bit from my review: “I want to buy everyone close to me a copy and say “THIS. THIS IS HOW MY BRAIN WORKS!”. ” – I genuinely loved it, and it reminded me how much I love being a fangirl!

Dance with dragons part 2

It’s really hard to say much of anything about this one without giving away spoilers! It’s safe to say though that Game of Thrones has become an obsession – I started watching the show basically just to keep getting my fix while I wait for the next books.  I very nearly missed out on these, because although I got a copy of A Game of Thrones for Christmas years ago I just never really got into it.  I went back to it later and am so glad I gave it another chance!


I picked up Feed from the library because I really enjoyed Parasite by Mira Grant and was looking for more from her.  I wasn’t sure I’d like it because zombies are definitely not my thing: I’m very squeamish and a huge wimp!  I gave it a go anyway and I ended up loving it.  The story is filled with twists and turns, and I was absolutely hooked!



Graceling is one of those books I’d been meaning to read for absolutely ages.  I took a copy out from the library years ago but ended up forgetting about it and having to take it back.  It wasn’t until Bex sent me a copy from my wishlist as part of the Valentine’s Ninja book swap that I finally started it.  I’m sorry I waited so long to read it, because I ended up really enjoying it, and read the whole series in quick succession!


Ender’s Game

I picked up Ender’s Game mostly because I saw the advert for the film and thought it looked good to be honest!  The book is, I’ll admit,a bit weird.  For one thing, the writing changes from third-person to first-person occasionally, which at first I absolutely hated.  Despite my wariness of the writing, the plot drew me in, and I just loved the way the book made you think.  This is one that stuck with me for months after reading it, and is well worth a read – though I was nowhere near as impressed with either book 2 or 3.

Crewel (Review)

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Crewel is unique.  Albin’s world-building is wonderful, and I absolutely loved the way Crewel blurs the lines between genres.  It’s hard to say too much about this one without spoilers, because I think the less you know before you start the story the better, but Crewel is well worth a read if you like fantasy, feisty (yet imperfect) heroines and a unique premise.

The Dragon Keeper

Let’s be honest, did you ever doubt that Robin Hobb would be
appearing on this list somewhere?!  I read The Rain Wilds Chronicles (starting with The Dragon Keeper) a few months after I started blogging, and it didn’t disappoint.  Her characters are amazing (and she writes some awesome kickass heroines!), her world-building is wonderfully detailed, and the plots are always gripping and unpredictable.  If you haven’t read any of her books yet: do! I’d recommend starting with Assassin’s Apprentice – where it all begins! – but honestly, I’ve yet to read a series I didn’t like.

The Martian (Review)

If you don’t mind a sci-fi story that actually has some science, you’ll probably love The Martian as much as I do.  Mark gets stranded on Mars when a mission goes horribly wrong, and the story follows Mark (and occasionally his crew) as he tries to survive.  The Martian is a gripping survival story of course, but it’s also surprisingly funny, and I loved that Weir isn’t afraid to leave a little technical detail in.  It has heart-stopping moments of drama, but it also had moments that made me laugh out loud, and I ended up loving it.

What have your favourite reads been since you started blogging?

1 thought on “Top Ten Tuesday (#53): Top Ten Books I’ve read since I started blogging

  1. Ohhhh, Throne of Glass. I loved that series. I wasn’t sure it was going to be my sort of thing but I ended up completely falling in love with it. I can’t wait for the next one, which I didn’t realise was due out in September!

    I only read Robin Hobb’s first series last month but I completely fell in love with it and now I can’t wait to read some more. I’ve already bought the second series (the one with the same characters but I can’t remember what it’s called) and I’m so excited!

    I did the same as you – I read Parasite first and then bought FEED because I loved the former so much. I found them really different but I loved it anyway.

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