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(Some of) My Harry Potter Wishlist

Harry potter month


Am I the only person who gets engrossed on places like Etsy, falling in love with item after item knowing you’re too skint to buy anything?!  I figured Harry Potter month is a great time to share some of the things on my Harry Potter wishlist, and see if you guys love them as much as I do (which will totally encourage me to invest!)

Marauders map skirt

I love this skirt – I was actually going to order it for YALC/LFCC next weekend but it won’t be here in time.  It’s a similar print to the Black Milk skater dress that seems to have disappeared.

Slytherin Leggings

I don’t honestly know if I’d be brave enough to wear these – I can’t quite decide if I love or hate them and me and leggings aren’t quite the best of friends!  These are an imitation pair (of Black Milk) that I found on Amazon, which I’m quite tempted by because a) the black milk ones have disappeared and b) these are much cheaper. Having said that, they also come in ‘one size’ so there’s always the risk they wouldn’t fit (and I still have no idea what I’d wear them with).

Harry Potter Signature Editions

 I’m going to make a (possibly dangerous) confession now – my Harry Potter books don’t match.  I’ve got some paperbacks, some hardbacks, some with the original covers and some with the adult covers….I’d love to have the signature editions which all match and are gorgeous without being really in your face.  I think they’re really classy looking, and don’t necessarily scream kids-books or adults-books – just books!

Harry Potter converse

Image source

These are actually a pair from the gallery at Canvas Warriors, but if you do a google or etsy search, you can find hundreds of pairs of Harry Potter inspired converse people have made or are selling – wouldn’t something like these be awesome?  You could throw them on with a pair of jeans to add a touch of fangirl any day 😀

Harry Potter tote bags

Don’t let the muggles get you down | Spells | I solemnly swear I am up to no good

A geeky tote bag is a bit like the converse – use it as your handbag for the day and show off a little bit of love for your fandom with zero effort (and without looking like you’ve tried too hard when all you’re doing is going shopping).  Again there are absolutely loads to choose from, but I particularly love these three I found on Etsy.

Which is your favourite item on my wishlist?  Any great Harry Potter finds you want to share?

5 thoughts on “(Some of) My Harry Potter Wishlist

  1. I LOVE Etsy, even have a shop myself and all, but I usually just drool over stuff and hate everyone for being more talented than me 😀
    HP stuff on Etsy is awesome, I have had a bunch of things in my shopping bag but couldn’t buy much. I did get my cousin a HP themed bday card last year and it was the cutest.

    That skirt is super awesome! I saw a lot of items in this motive, I think there’s also a swimsuit? I love Black Milk stuff. They have gorgeous things but are super expensive :X

    I want more HP editions too, right now I have English adult ones and Slovenian bk 1 (ours have US covers). I want those that have spine pic!

    I want to many things, mostly merch (letter, marauder map etc.), I have Sirius’ wand and a Slytherin tie. I’d love to have more!

  2. I LOVE Etsy and finding ALL the cool HP stuff that I never end up buying too! It all gets added to my wishlist and In swear one day I’ll own ALL THE THINGS. I really love the Marauder’s skirt, it would go great with my Marauder’s Map replica XD And I think those leggings are sweet but I’d also be kind of scared of wearing them too! Maybe just save them for chilling at home, rewatching the HP films with LOL. I also want more HP book editions, especially the signature ones that come in that cool box! I have the adult hardcover edition but I’d want the children’s covers too and a few of the new versions that came out XD

    ANd yes I think I would die if I had those HP Converse ♥♥ AND ALL THE TOTES of course 😀 Wow, you picked some fabulous items here^^ I feel like I need to go shopping now 😀 Except for my map, Harry’s wand, a Gryffindor & Hogwarts t-shirt, I don’t have much in the way of fandom items but I need more! Great post!

  3. YESYESYESYESYES! Etsy is such a bloody dangerous place for this reason exactly.

    I adore that Marauders skirt! That’s absolutely amazing. Canvas Warriors make so many brilliant looking shoes. They’re perfect for pretty much ever fandom ever haha :). I remember that my old lecturer sent me the link to those leggings when I was doing my diss LOL. Not what I was expecting!

    Such a brilliant but dangerous post *eyes bank account* xxx

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