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How to: Harry Potter (or other fandom) glass pendants

Harry potter month

Occasionally, I like to pretend I’m a creative person, and I find something on Etsy (usually in somewhere far away like Canada!) and I think “I wonder if I could make that instead”.  That’s basically what started this project – I found a few I liked online, but none that were absolutely perfect, and I wanted to make my own!

They were surprisingly easy – after I found my images it took me less than twenty minutes to make all three – so I’m telling you how I did it in case you want to give it a go (you know you do!)

The finished pendants (bear in mind photos were taken before they were dry/I’d cleaned them up a bit, because I was too excited to share!)

You will need:

  • Glass cabochons
    (I used 19mm ones bought on ebay)
  • Images the same size as your cabochons
  • Bezels for your cabochons
  • Glue
    (I used glue from the jewellery section of a craft shop, but others report good results from standard PVA)
  • Paintbrush
  • Jump rings & pliars
    (may or may not be required depending on your bezel)


What to do:

Step 1: Find your images

This is the fun, but also tricky, bit! I had so many ideas, it took me a long time to pinpoint my first few images (and I can definitely see how this could be addictive!)

I chose to make mine in Photoshop, but you could also try using magazine images or (if you’re brave!) pages from an old book .

Cut them out to the same size and shape as your cabochons and you’re ready for step 2!


Step 2: Check your images & cabochons fit


Check your cut out image, and your cabochon, fit into your bezel well!  As you can see above, my bezel was a tiny bit too big (perhaps 20mm), but I naively thought I’d stick the cabochon central and you wouldn’t be able to tell…

See the Harry Potter quote at the top? I should have measured better!


Step 3: Stick it all together!

This bit is really really easy! Use your paintbrush to coat the inside of the bezel with a little bit of the glue, and stick your cut out image in.  Then coat the back of the cabochon with some more glue and stick it on top of the image!

You could stick the image to the glass first but I found it hard to get the glass centrally over the image and to make sure the image was at the right angle within the frame.


Step 4: Leave it to dry

I gave mine around 24 hours to be sure they were dry.  Any glue I’d managed to get in the wrong place came off easily with my finger nails, but if you’re struggling I suspect a little nail varnish remover and a cotton bud would do the job.


Step 5: Add a jump ring (optional), thread it on a chain & wear!

If your bezel doesn’t have one, add a jump ring to the top so that you can thread it onto a chain.

Thread it onto a chain (or cord, or choker, or whatever else suits your style).

Wear and show your fandom pride!

What do you think? Would you give these a go? And what shall I put on my next one?! (Though I have a few ideas…)

5 thoughts on “How to: Harry Potter (or other fandom) glass pendants

    1. Haha I have no idea either, but that’s what ebay and the craft shop I went to both called them so I went with it! I figured you’d have more luck finding them that way it than if I went with “round glass with flat back” which is what I kept calling them in my head!

  1. Oh this is SO crafty! I think you did a fantastic job with all three you pictures there – I can’t even tell there’s anything wrong with the HP one, I just love it ♥♥ I picture myself making a huge mess of glue…not to mention probably cutting the pictures too small and/or too big. Sadly I’m not very crafty 🙁 BUT I still really want to try this! I love the idea of wearing my fandoms 😀 Thanks for sharing this Faith^^ I’m excited to give it a try!

    1. Thank you so much Micheline 🙂

      I found the pictures the hardest bit by far. I had a hard time getting them to print the right size – apparently 19mm on screen even at 100%, doesn’t necessarily mean 19mm once printed :S I have seen some people who recommend gluing the glass to the picture and then cutting, but that sounded harder to me!

      (Also, I did manage to get glue all over my fingers and the back of the pendants, but it came off pretty easily!)

  2. I wanted to make these and had no idea how, and I only later realized there are glass spheres to put over the images. I used this clear resin my dad had in the basement, and the results weren’t too bad but with lace and such the lace soaks in the resin and gets ruined, so I stopped doing that. The resin also stank super badly. It was a messy job so I quit that but it’s actually really easy, yep. You can find everything on eBay for these sorts of things.

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