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The Weekly Recap (#25)

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So as you probably know I was at YALC/LFCC this weekend.  I haven’t quite decided whether or not to do a full post on it yet, but for now, just the incoming 😉

I took The Elites and Fangirl with me and had those signed.  I purchased a copy of Take Back the Skies which Lucy signed.  I also bought a signed copy of Apple and Rain which the Waterstones team had stockpiled (thank you!).  After the chaos of Saturday I didn’t end up going back today, but my friend also picked me up a copy of Echo Boy and got it signed because I loved both The Humans and Echo Boy and was really disappointed to miss out today on Matt Haig’s signing and talk.

Apples and Rain [Purchased]
Echo Boy [Purchased]
Take Back the Skies [Purchased]

Total spend: £31.97 (Ouch!)

My Week

Harry Potter month has been going really well and I’m astounded at all the House Cup points!  This week I’ve mostly been trying to keep on top of that, prepare for LFCC/YALC, (then of course be at LFCC/YALC) and finish my book – all around work of course!

We’ve got a family friend over at the minute, and I might be going to the cinema on Tuesday, but no real plans this week yet.  Reading wise I’ll be probably starting The Rain, Big Little Lies or Fool’s Assassin depending on my mood.  Honestly I just want to read Fool’s Assassin because ROBIN HOBB (!!) but I’m trying to restrain myself a little.  For tonight I think I’ll finally make a start on The One because I could just do with a nice break to switch off a bit!


Finished: Fool’s Fate (Robin Hobb)

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Faith has
read 31 books toward her goal of 100 books.

Challenge Progress

  • Seriously Series:
    • Series Started in 2014: 12/18
    • Series Started before 2014: 9/18
  • Library Books challenge: 9/36
  • LGBTQ: 1/3
  • TBR Pile Reading challenge: 8/31
  • Review Pile Reading Challenge: 14/31


How was your week?

2 thoughts on “The Weekly Recap (#25)

  1. So glad to hear that you had a blast at LFCC YALC 😀 it sounds like a total blast and I’d love to attend one day!! Apple and Rain sounds really intriguing and so does Take Back the Skies! Oh I recently got my first Robin Hobb book myself and I’m dying to check it out! We’ll have to compare notes on Fool’s Assassin.

    And I’m thrilled that HPMonth is going so freaking well! It’s been a blast so far, I’m so happy you put all of this together Faith ♥

    1. Thanks 🙂 It’s been so much fun, I’m just glad everyone seems to be enjoying it! I was really worried I’d put up the House post and at the end of the month there’d only have been me earning points or something, so I’m thrilled it’s taken off and I don’t have that embarrassment to face 😉

      Robin Hobb ♥ I really hope you love it, I’m a huge fan (In case you hadn’t guessed from the fact I seem to mention her for one reason or another every five minutes!!). I’m dying to read Fool’s Assassin but I’m trying to make myself wait, a) because I have so many things I should be reading and b) because I’ll only be sad when I finish it and I have to wait ages for the next one!

      YALC was absolutely a blast, and I really hope they keep it up, I’d definitely go again. And we’d love to see you if you could (but obviously it’s a bit of a way for you to commute ;))

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