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The Weekly Recap (#26)

This week on the blog


None! (Trying to be good after last week’s spend!)

Total spend: £0

My Week

Honestly, I haven’t really done much this week! One of the girls at work left, so we did lots of shopping for gifts etc, then went to the pub on Friday night after work. We’re having a barbecue tomorrow, but other than that I’ve just been working really.

I read The One this week, and despite last week saying I was trying to restrain myself, I’ve caved and started Fool’s Assassin (I tried to resist, really I did). My plans for the rest of the weekend and next week are trying to get some Bloggiesta tasks done, reading for the Wicked Wildfire readathon, scheduling some Harry Potter Month posts.


Finished: The One (Kiera Cass)

2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Faith has
read 33 books toward her goal of 100 books.

Challenge Progress

  • Seriously Series:
    • Series Started in 2014: 12/18
    • Series Started before 2014: 10/18
  • Library Books challenge: 9/36
  • LGBTQ: 1/3
  • TBR Pile Reading challenge: 9/31
  • Review Pile Reading Challenge: 14/31


How was your week?

1 thought on “The Weekly Recap (#26)

  1. Shopping for work and work outings sound like they were fun! Especially compared to like, just working haha! Anyways I’m really curious to see how you’ll do with Fool’s Assassin since I have that one coming up as well 😀 Happy reading!!

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