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Harry Potter bookmarks [Hufflepuff & Gryffindor]

Harry potter month

Here’s a book crime I’m guilty of: never having a bookmark.  And when I do, they’re usually something strange like an empty chocolate bar wrapper (honestly) or a receipt.  For example, my current bookmark of choice is a Pokemon card (Pikachu if you’re curious).

So this weekend I thought I’d spend a little bit of time and design some bookmarks, mostly just for something fun to do.  Then I thought, hey, I could show some Slytherin love with my bookmark.  Once I thought abolut it a little longer, I decided to make a few for each house so I could share them as part of Harry Potter month too!  So, that’s exactly what I did.hufflepuff bookmark 3

They’re very simple (I’m definitely not an artistic or photoshop talented person), but I like them anyways 😉 They’re all the same design – house coloured with the Pottermore logo – and for each house I’ve got one blank, and three with quotes or traits related to the House. (Partial logic for only using one design is that you could print them back to back if you wanted, which appeals to me more than having a white or mismatched reverse side)

Today I’m sharing the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff bookmarks.  I’d print them out and take a photo of them in use only my printer has decided it wants to print in black or white only, so that doesn’t work so well!  You should be able to download them from the link below and print them straight out.  Obviously if you want them to be a bit more durable you could print them onto card rather than paper, which is what I’d recommend.

Hufflepuff & Gryffindor bookmarks

The Gryffindor ones are a bit dark on my screen, but they’re clear when I print them out, even in greyscale, so I’m hoping they should work.  If not let me know and I’ll see if I can adapt them.

7 thoughts on “Harry Potter bookmarks [Hufflepuff & Gryffindor]

    1. Thanks Celine 🙂

      It was mostly just a fun way to kill some time at the weekend, but I am kinda loving the idea of having a stash of (virtually free) bookmarks to choose from, that really show my fangirl love for different things. Until I lose them at least…

      You should give it a go though, definitely worth it I think, because you can make them as unique or as obscure as you want to.

  1. Awesome idea! I have too many booksmarks actually. I got a whole bunch gifted, then I have the one I bought that’s in a U letter shape, then I have those that have promo items on from bookstores and so on… basically too many, and I never use more than one at a time so the rest just gather dust.
    I got loads off TBD as well so maybe try there as well 😀

    1. Huh, see I think I’ve maybe got….2?! And I frequently lose them, so having a convenient stash I can reprint appeals to me!

      I don’t tend to use too many at once either though, two or three at a time maximum, so I guess I should restrain myself a little.

  2. Pikachu FTW 😀 hahaha I’m the same as Ula, I always seem to have too many bookmarks, whenever I order with Book Depository they send one out, then I used to collect them almost, everytime I went to the bookstore I’d pick a new one up. My family knows I love to read, so they gift me bookmarks sometimes too…and then with attending BEA 2 years in a row, they basically chuck them at you sometimes XD Anyways I have a ton, BUT since I kind of collect them, I am totally going to print these out, as soon as I can get get access to a colour printer! I love them, you’re definitely more creative than I am with Photoshop!! I love the quotes you chose for these too! Thanks for sharing^^ x

  3. Once again, love them so much! They’re really cute and it’s such a great idea. I suck at bookmarks too. I keep losing them so receipts have to do or scraps of paper!

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