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Harry Potter bookmarks [Slytherin & Ravenclaw]

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Ravenclaw example


Today’s post is the follow up to last week’s Gryffindor and Hufflepuff bookmarks.  Not much to say really, hopefully it’s all pretty self explanatory! Again, there’s four bookmarks for each house, one blank, one traits, and two quotes.  You can see an example of one of the quotes ones on the left 😉

You can download them as a word document from the link below, then it’s just a case of printing them (ideally on card or heavy paper), cutting them out and picking one to stick in your latest read!

That’s it from me really, hope you enjoy!

Slytherin & Ravenclaw bookmarks

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter bookmarks [Slytherin & Ravenclaw]

  1. Awww these are just as nice as the first ones, not that I’m surprised. I need to get access to a colour printer because I want to print them ALL out xD I love the blank ones, the trait ones and the ones with quotes because you picked some brilliant ones ♥ Thanks for sharing these Faith ^^

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