ARC August & Beat the Heat Readathon: Sign up & Goals


ARC August takes place (as you might have guessed!) in August, and the aim is to work your way through some of those ARCs you’ve got sitting around.  I’ll be using it mostly to work on improving my Netgalley ratio.

The Beat the Heat Readathon conveniently takes place for the last three weeks of ARC August, so it just makes sense to take part in both doesn’t it? 😉


My life in August

Well, I had planned to have all of August off (woohoo!) but my contract at work has now been extended so I’ll have a lot less free time than I had thought! Matt will also be coming home from his project (finally!) so I’ll be spending some time with him too.  Despite that, I want to try and make some progress on NetGalley – and to a lesser extent – Edelweiss so I’ll be reading as much as I can around those things.

Some of the titles I’ll hopefully be choosing from (in order of publication)

My goals:

Read 5 ARCs +
I’m trying to set a realistic goal because else I get disheartened about how behind I am and that’s when I get tempted to say “Forget it, I’m too behind now anyways” etc etc.  I think 5 is a reasonable goal, though I hope to get through more.  If I go up to visit Matt at some point (depending on getting time off work and how his dissertation is going) that’d be a big help in terms of reading because I’d have the train there/back and plenty of time during the day when he’s writing up.  BUT since my plans aren’t set at all yet, I’m going with a – hopefully reasonable – goal of 5 ARCs (but ideally more).

Write 7 reviews (this would push me over that 60% hurdle I have yet to break!)
So, as you know Rinn and I have been spurring each other on to get out NetGalley ratios above 80%.  I’ve made huge progress from about 17% (yes honestly) to in the 50s…but I’ve been between 50 and 55% forever.  If I could get 7 NetGalley reviews done that’d push me over the 60% mark at last!

I am absolutely terrible at updating during readathons so I’m determined to do better during ARC August/Beat the Heat.  I never know how often to update though – I love reading daily updates, but with readathons this long my post would end up enormous!  How often do you update?!

1 thought on “ARC August & Beat the Heat Readathon: Sign up & Goals

  1. I really want to read Snow Like Ashes, it sounds awesome!!!

    Your goals are awesome. 5 ARCs is an awesome goal 🙂 Plus the writing 7 reviews ia awesome, hopefully I will be able to get quite a few reviews done as well. Good luck on all your goals 🙂

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