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Harry Potter Nail Varnish [Amortentia – Franken]

Harry potter month

Today, I have something completely different to share as part of Harry Potter month, a bit of an experiment if you like! Feel free to let me know whether you love it, hate it, like it or couldn’t care less! Also, fair warning, I am absolutely NOT a nail blogger, so apologies for the photo quality!

Here’s a thing you probably don’t know about me – I’m nail varnish obsessed. Like, I have over 100 bottles…BUT, I’m so lazy and impatient I rarely use them!  I happily get lost in blogs like The Nailasaurus, but I actually attempt nail art maybe three or four times a year, and I only paint them once a month or so.  I get fed up when it takes more than 2 coats, or when a nail varnish comes out streaky, or when I attempt nail art and get a mess…

But the one thing I do love – finding a new colour.  Coming home with that new exciting colour and testing it out.  So, that led to my experiments with making my own colours.  There’s two main methods – frankening (mixing polishes you already own) or making polishes from scratch.  I play around with both methods, and I’ve made a Harry Potter inspired varnish both ways this month!

I figured Harry Potter Month was a perfect excuse to share my first Harry Potter inspired franken polish!



Now, I usually don’t wear pink … well, anything to be honest, but Amortentia was just such a fun inspiration I couldn’t resist! Things I was aiming for with my polish:

  • Pink or purple colour – I didn’t want anything too ‘in your face’ because hey, the person you’re dosing with Amortentia shouldn’t be suspicious 😉
  • Mother of pearl sheen – I knew this would be hard but I wanted to try anyway!
  • GLITTER – Fun fact, in nail varnish (though virtually nothing else) I’m a sucker for glitter. I wanted lots of tiny glitter with a few larger pieces, just to make it slightly complex, but only at second glance (back to that not too in your face thing)
  • Scent

Here are the polishes I pulled out as potentials:

IMG_0656[1] IMG_0655[1]IMG_0658[1]

I know this is a huge number of polishes, but I wanted them all laid out so I could see my inspiration before I started!  To get an estimate of how much I used – these photos were taken after I made the polish, and each of these bottles was full before I started.

The mixture is made up of:
  • Pretty much equal amounts (to about 2/3 of the bottle)
    • Barry M – A limited edition pink glitter my sister bought me for Christmas one year, (5th from the left)
    • Maybelline – Love Lilac (far right)
    • Rimmel Metal Rush – Pearly Queen (3rd from right)
  • A generous helping of Maybelline – Sugar Crystals (4th from right)
  • A small part of the three polishes on the far left,
    • George glitter Champagne,
    • Rimmel Space dust – Aurora
    • Unnamed Claire’s glitter polish which is dark red and black.
  • A tiny bit of essential oil (vanilla)

The final result:


The finished bottle | Blurry photo to show the glitter/colour flashes more clearly

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  It didn’t really end up with that pearly sheen I wanted (no matter how much of the Rimmel Pearly Queen I added) but I like the effect.  It’s a discreet enough colour that I can wear it at work, but up close the glitter really gives it that extra layer, and the colour changes in different lights really give it that complex ‘hidden things’ look I was going for! The scent is pretty much lost in the polish, but I didn’t want to add too much and run the risk of screwing up the mixture, so something for future experimentation I think.

All in all, not bad for my first Harry Potter inspired franken!

As I said before, this is the first time I’ve posted a bookish inspired polish, and I’d love to know whether you’d like more of these posts/would rather watch paint dry/couldn’t care less either way, so please let me know!

8 thoughts on “Harry Potter Nail Varnish [Amortentia – Franken]

  1. I ADORE THIS, FAITH. Definitely be interested in seeing more posts like this. It’s really original and creative :). It looks like a beautiful cover too – although I tend to wear bright nail varnish e.g. blue, green haha. Not always the best for work but gotta have a bit of fun 🙂 xxx

    1. Yay! I’m SO glad 😀

      Haha yeah, I’m with you, give me a bright (or glittery) colour ANY DAY….or better yet, bright glitters! Definitely not always great for work but I agree about having fun – and better with nail colours than work inappropriate clothing right? 😉 I’m currently loving Sinful Colours nail junkie – a blue/teal glitter I found in Boots for £1.99! (and better yet, on 3 for 2).

  2. I’m seriously impressed by this! I’d never even thought of mixing nailpolishes together. I’m not really nail obsessed (I only ever wear clear or very light colours) but I’d be pretty interested to see what else you come up with 🙂

    1. Yay! I don’t know what it is about nail varnish – I’m normally too lazy to even paint my nails but every time I see a great colour I’m like ‘ooh, must have’. I think it’s because I can experiment with them easily and cheaply whereas clothing wise I’m definitely a jeans and geeky t-shirt kinda girl. And mixing polishes is lots of fun, helps me get more milage out of them 😉 (That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it!)

  3. I almost *NEVER*do my nails but I used to collect pretty nail polish colours. So of course I ADORE the idea of bookish manis! I follow The Bookish Manicurist and always love seeing her book-inspired nails 🙂 Mixing up your own colours sounds like a lot of fun, I can see myself really being into it!

    Ok so, first of all? I swooned over all the nail polish bottles you used to mix this one on their own, ESPECIALLY the George Glitter Champagne and the Rimmel Space Dust Aurora ♥♥
    And secondly? The end result: definitely Amortentia. OMG I freaking love it! Great job, I’d love to see more of these, especially HP themed 😉

    1. Haha me too but I’m really not co-ordinated so I every time I try nail art I screw it up somewhere along the way 🙁 Or even if I can get my left hand to look vaguely decent, I can never get the right to look good!

      Oh I have a definite weakness for the Rimmel polishes! I think their ‘precious stones’ range – which are super thick glitters, I can even get away with just one coat! – are my most worn polishes. I’ve not tried Aurora on it’s own yet so can’t speak for the quality of that but I may have also bought Lunar Love (hot pink), Total Eclipse (black/green) and Moon Walking (purple) at the same time. Oops?! They were £1 each in my local B&M one day so I snapped up all the colours they had!

      I’m glad you’re interested in seeing more 😀 I’ve got a few more HP ones stashed up stairs (both mixed and made from scratch) so I may have some more posts to come 😉

    1. Yeah, the scent is pretty washed out, but I didn’t know how much I could add without ruining the formula of the polish. Something to experiment with in future! It was one of the overwhelming features of Amortentia though, so I knew I wanted to include it somehow (even if I couldn’t make it smell different to each person).

      Good luck! It’s lots of fun – but also addictive and occasionally messy!

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