ARC August Progress: Week 1


My week

This week was very busy as Matt finally came home from his research project. We spent a lot of time socialising and seeing family and didn’t actually get very much time to just chill out!  He’s now back at uni and I’m back at work so everything is generally back to normal.  It’s much nicer though that we can text or phone whenever, and knowing we can visit in just a few hours if we want to 😀  All in all a nice but very busy week!  I managed to keep up reasonably well with ARC August but not so much with blogging!


Number of books completed: 2 / 5
Total # pages read: 704
Number of reviews written/scheduled: 0 / 7


Plan for next week:

I managed to get a pretty reasonable amount of reading done this week despite how busy we were, and I’m hoping to do as well again over the next week since I don’t have much on except work.

In terms of reading choices I’d like to start Apple & Rain and Heir of Fire.  I’d also like to try and get reviews at least started for The Queen of The Tearling, No In Between and Fool’s Assassin since my review progress this week was non-existent! Obviously if I can get some of them scheduled that would be better so I’ll have to see what I can do!

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