ARC August Progress: Week 3


My week

I felt like I’d made absolutely zero progress on ARC August this week, but it turns out I’d done more than I thought! Although I’ve barely read at all since Monday, I got a lot of reading done over the weekend and finished 2 ARCs, so I’ve now hit my reading goal!


Reading this week

Number of books completed: 2
Total # pages read: 866
Number of reviews scheduled/posted: 1 (No In Between)


Plan for next week:

I’m hoping the bank holiday will give me a little boost this weekend, but I’m also working on some upcoming blog stuff so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done.  I’ve started The Girl With All The Gifts and I’d ideally like to get that read and two reviews scheduled this week.  Other than that I don’t have any real plans – I’ll be trying to make some progress on Bout of Books but those won’t necessarily be ARCs so I’m not including them in my target!


ARC August stats

Number of ARCS completed: 6
Total # pages read: 1599
Average pages read per day: 117
ARC Sources: Netgalley (5), RealReaders (1)
Number of reviews scheduled/posted: 2 (Fool’s Assassin, Apple and Rain & No In Between),

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